An Open Homo Sapien Cell Culture Project


This project aims to build the foundational layer for a personalized biomedicine design system. This project's strategy has three main development components to achieve its mission:

  1. Create a straightforward protocol for culturing one's cells from a non-invasive oral buccal swab sample. This simple and non-invasive approach minimizes the barrier to participation.
  2. Develop an open-source cell monitoring and culture device that shares data out of the box. These devices will use standard off-the-shelf parts and 3D printing to maximize accessibility. This device will also use IPFS to share data in a decentralized manner.
  3. Form a community around this network of devices to collaborate on optimizing protocols, improving device designs, and analyzing data.

We imagine this layer will produce the capacity for conducting cell differentiation and organoid generation studies in a near real-time collaborative manner with a large diversity of cell profiles. This platform would allow for robust and community-driven testing of biomedicine designs.

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